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A holistic approach to language learning correlated to your needs. Modern language acquisition app, motivational workshops, language coaching and online lessons.

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Curriculum Designed for Your Business

Empower Your Team With Learning Content Tied to Your Business Objectives and Industry
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Accelerate Language Retention With Effective Recall Techniques and Smart Algorithms
Language Coaching & Workshops

Empower Your Team to stay motivated and consistent, with strategies and constant evaluation
Online Lessons

Develop Confidence and Precision with a Dedicated Teacher, Synched with Your Business and the App
Unlock Insights for Your People & Culture
Advanced Reporting
Track employee progress with Advanced Reporting.  Provide support as needed to ensure they achieve their language learning development goals.
Cultural Bonding for Teams
Reduce communication barriers and improve interpersonal relationships. Drive engagement by fostering a dynamic internal culture of multilingual communication.
Affordable & Efficient
Effortlessly achieve conversation readiness with Taalhammer's native content.
Cost-effective, flexible pricing to meet your business needs.
Customised Corporate Language Training
Train on unique terminology and jargon from company policies, product descriptions and more. Help your team communicate more effectively in the workplace.
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“Since I met Taalhammer, initially as a student, I had the best experiences both with the company itself and with the application. Taalhammer’s flexibility and efficiency is amazing and has helped me a lot in my learning process.”
Michał Wiewiór
Owner at Slavis
“Our employees are really happy with Taalhammer. With Taalhammer's custom learning approach and the repetition system we can finally offer a language provider that makes us ready for conversations.”
Jarek Studziński
Owner at Academic Learning Center
“Taalhammer is a great tool for learning a new language. We enjoy using it because it teaches us language by using words and phrases from our daily professional life.”
Michał Sochański
Owner at Sochański i Wspólnicy
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Your Business Needs
Get a Behind-the-Scenes Look at How Taalhammer Helps Teams Learn a New Language Effortlessly.
Watch our exclusive video tour to see how our language learning tool suite works and how it benefits companies just like yours.
Q: Can I integrate my own business language into Taalhammer?
A: Absolutely! The process of integrating your unique business language into Taalhammer is simple and straightforward.  After signing an NDA, you can provide us with your company policies, product descriptions, or other important documents to be used in your training.  Our team of linguists will then analyze your documents and create custom content tailored to your needs. We will work with you to review and make any necessary improvements before finally uploading the content to the Taalhammer application for your team to access from anywhere.
Q: How can I track my team's language learning progress?
A: Taalhammer's advanced reporting offers a comprehensive view of your team's language learning progress. You'll receive a detailed overview of each team member's engagement, with insights into the topics they are learning, the words and sentences they have learned, and their retention rates.  Our algorithms also provide additional information to help you better understand your team's progress. If you need customised reporting, our team is here to support you in fulfilling your specific needs.
Q: Is Taalhammer suitable for language learners with no prior experience?
A: Yes, Taalhammer is designed to accommodate language learners of all levels, including those with no prior experience.  Our content is generated through advanced statistical analysis, starting with the most commonly used words and phrases and building up to more complex language structures. With Taalhammer, you'll gain the fundamental skills and confidence needed to communicate effectively within specific domains.
Dive into our Resource Hub
Discover how language learning can be used as an additional channel to communicate about your culture, products and policies.
Enhance Your Team's Language Skills with Expert Insights
Ever wondered how polyglots really learn languages? We’ll tell you 5 of the best methods used by polyglots that you can use to accelerate your language learning.
Learn more about anxiety when speaking a foreign language, including strategies for how to overcome it.
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